Using computer vision technology, GestuReader helps break down communication barriers between the deaf world and the hearing world. It is able to recognize and interpret hand signs from the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet. The highest degree of sign recognition accuracy is made possible through the use of contemporary computer vision technology and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

This application has been designed for:

  • people with speech or hearing disorders - they can use it to translate ASL signs into text and speech;
  • people who often communicate with hearing impaired people - they can use it to translate speech to text;
  • companies that occasionally need ASL interpreting services, but cannot afford to hire an interpreter.

GestuReader features:

  • recognition of hand signs of the ASL alphabet (36 signs);
  • performing text input (with auto-completion), depending on the sign shown by user:
  • speech recognition and synthesis in various languages;
  • signs are made with one’s own bare hands; there is no need to wear gloves or use other devices;
  • multilingual user interface and documentation in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional).

Possible applications

GestuReader can be used in any situation that involves communication with a hearing impaired person. For example in private conversation, or at serving at the public service place.

In communication involving a hearing impaired person its inconvenient to conversate by typing the text on a keyboard. For an ordinary person its more natural to speak, but for a deaf person its the signing that is the most convenient way to communicate. GestuReader application might be very useful when there is no human interpreter around. The app recognizes ASL hand signs as well as speech in multiple languages.

A GestuReader setup (a notebook with Intel RealSense camera and GestuReader app installed) in a public service place (an airport or a shopping mall) might be convenient for both the customer (having hearing loss) and the administrator at the counter. The former uses signing, the latter uses speech - their natural ways of communication.